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1st Mayflower Scouts

Welcome to our Scouts Group page.  You can find numerous photos of our Scouts enjoying their various activities on the Gallery page, just click on the link below.  

JOTA-JOTI - October 2020

The Great Indoors Weekender - 11th - 12th July 2020

Please see the link below regarding a nationally organised virtual camp / sleepover.  UK Scouts are arranging it and are challenging everyone (members and non-members - including parents!) to camp in their back garden or sleep somewhere in their house that isn’t their bed! (e.g. build a den).  There will also be activities and challenges set online over the weekend for people to take part in.  You don’t need to do everything - you can dip in and out as you wish.  Please follow the link to sign up and get details.  There is also a badge you can buy to say you took part.


If Scout and Explorer parents can let us know that you’ve taken part and share some pictures etc. as proof then it will count as a night away and, depending what you do, possibly cover other badges as well. Any pictures can be sent to with the subject Scouts. 


Tel: 01427 619360