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Mental Health and Wellbeing

As a service, the Mental Health Support Team (MHST) have pulled together a wide range of resources for all age groups that we hope you can use to help talk about stress and its effects with your young people, families and staff.


We are all undoubtedly going to experience stress and anxiety in our lifetime.  We hope that by sharing some of these coping tools, it will help you to look after yourselves and practise some self-care, as well as showing compassion to others. 

Relaxation Videos

The 5 senses - YouTube

Relax like a Cat - YouTube

Progressive Muscle relaxation - YouTube

Bubble breathing - YouTube

MHST Five Finger Breathing - YouTube

Square Breathing - YouTube (MHST)

Square Breathing - YouTube (HML)

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire- Progressive Muscle Relaxation - YouTube

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire- my happy place - YouTube

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire- Finger Breathing - YouTube

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire - colour breathing - YouTube

Steps2change - Stream LPFT NHS | Listen to Mindfulness relaxation sequences steps2change

Stress Bucket - YouTube

MHST creates podcasts which can be accessed here;

MHST Podcasts

Further helpful information can be found at

Apps for Mental Health and Wellbeing

These apps help to support mental health, wellbeing, calming techniques, mindfulness, scheduled breaks and promoting good sleep habits.

The apps are mostly free, some of which offer in-app purchases.


Dreamy Kid




Sesame Street – Breathe, Think, Do


Mindful Powers


Chill Panda


Mindful Gnats


Smiling Mind




Sleep Town




All the above apps are recommended by the Department for Education




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