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School Closure Information

During extreme bad weather, it may be necessary to close the school.  We will always aim to inform parents/carers as soon as possible as well as the local news and radio stations.  Please see below for further information.

During the winter months, it is always advisable to be aware of the systems in place to keep you informed regarding procedures for pupils in the event of severe weather.


If it is necessary to close the school, we will contact the local radio stations (Radio Lincolnshire and Lincs FM) and ask them to announce the closure over the radio.  We will also post information here on the website.  If early closure becomes necessary during the day, then we will update the website immediately and staff will liaise with transport operators and parents/carers.  We will also use the 'TXTRound' facility, which will enable school to send a text to mobile phones to inform you of a closure if it becomes necessary.  Please ensure your contact details are up-to-date at the school office.


Due to our wide catchment area, forecasts are not always reliable and often vary considerably.  We endeavour to make any decision regarding closure on the most recent information available to us from both weather services and transport operators.  We always work to keep the school open if possible, but due to the long distances that students travel and sometimes rapidly changing weather conditions, we have to ensure the safety of all our students.


Please also check the following sites for further information:


Tel: 01427 619360