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What People Say About Us

Here at Aegir, we love to hear from our parents/carers, friends, students and visitors and to know what you think about our academy.  Here are some of the comments we have received …..


“Just a quick note to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your staff for the warm welcome and support that you showed to David last week during his placement with you. The feedback from David has been fantastic and he feels that he has learnt so much from the placement, that he can transfer into his teaching, moving forwards.” SCITT Tutor


“The nature of the school means there is an individualised approach to supporting learners and staff care greatly about ensuring every child meets their full potential.  It is clear that this is a happy place where people care for one another and learners are valued for their contributions.”  Wellbeing Award for Schools


“It was inspiring to hear how, when students participate in activities out of school, they contribute to individual people, organisations and potentially society as a whole.” Sue Webb – Values Based Education


“It was striking for me how the Fayre epitomised one of the core underlying values of the school - namely that of acceptance of all. The students were actively encouraged to participate to whatever extent they felt comfortable with - and also to go outside of their comfort zone. This requires staff to both be well-attuned to the students - and also ensure that they are incorporating sufficient challenge to promote student’s development.” Steve Russell – Beyond Behaviour


“You can’t improve. A very good school, we would highly recommend you!” Parent


“Giving pupils the confidence and knowledge to be the best they can be. Enabling them to experience environments that we as parents wouldn’t imagine them doing, so the school broadens the horizons of its pupils beyond the constraints that we as protective parents can sometimes have in place.” Parent


“You have revolutionised my life. I no longer have to worry about my boys.” Parent


“The school values each child and member of their family…there are high levels of trust with the school staff and leaders.”  Parent


“I truly value your school and personally feel that this is the best thing that happened to my son.” Parent


“We were made to feel so welcome, everyone was really kind and helpful. The staff do such an amazing job and the students are fantastic, they achieve so much.” BGC Student Teacher


“I have really enjoyed my day, all the staff were so welcoming and put me at ease really quickly. The students are so polite, holding doors open and saying hello even though I was a new face.” Supply Teacher


“My family and I cannot thank you and your staff enough. This has meant so much to us. You are all amazing people and the difference in my child this week has been incredible. I personally have been able to go to work knowing that he is safe and happy, this is priceless.” Parent


“It is an absolute pleasure to visit Aegir Specialist Academy. The staff are always helpful and supportive and the pupils are attentive, they interact with the material and engage fully with the learning process. We look forward to visiting the school, it is clear that our work has the right impact.” Positive Health


“My child came to your school at 11years old a broken young boy, let down by the education system. Slowly your staff have encouraged, comforted and supported him and us. He leaves your school a young man happier and with a better outlook on life.” Parent


“Thank you so much for the support you and all the staff at Aegir have given my son. You have helped him, thank you for all you have done for him.” Parent


“If it wasn’t for the staff here I don’t know what I would have done with my life, I probably would have been in trouble with the police. But they helped me, supported me and cared for me showing that I could be better. So I leave this school ready for college with qualifications. Thank you.” Student


“I cannot thank the teachers and staff enough at Aegir. Fantastic with my son. Best place ever he tells me. They understand and care and I could not be happier.” Parent


“My child loves coming to school and can’t wait to tell me what he has been doing on a daily basis. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” Parents


“We are absolutely delighted and thrilled with how our son has settled into Year 8, how his work is coming on, his behaviour is better and that he is talking positively about Aegir at home, particularly Scouts and Ukuleles.” Parents


“The little things you do to help my son each day don’t go unnoticed. Him accessing school during this time is a true lifeline and you all make that possible.” Parent


“I text you and shared my son’s worries, the very next day you provided a book which I could share with him and addressed all his concerns, that was amazing to know you care that much- Thank you” Parent


“I am always blown away by how you care for the children and their families.” Parent 


“Just a thank you for going the extra mile again today. You are all amazing and doing such a fabulous job at giving parents and carers much needed support. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed.” Parent 



“Thank you so much for carrying on with all this going on. We can’t think of anyone else better than you and your team.” Parent 


“I cried over dinner last night as for the first time ever he talked about his friends. He never had a proper friend before he came to Aegir.” Parent 


“The fact that he was so cross about not being able to come to school today was AMAZING! He has never been disappointed about not going to school before.” Parent 


“Thank you for all the work you do with my boy. I know I say it a lot but I am so happy with how he has come on.” Parent 


“He is always telling me about dancing in class. He comes home so happy every day and always looks forward to going to school in the mornings. His confidence is really growing too.” Parent 


“You make our son so happy. I can’t thank you enough!” Parent 


“Thank you all for caring so much.” Parent 




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