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Transition to Sixth Form

  • From Year 10 onwards, classes use the ICT suite which is located in the Sixth Form area, this familiarises them with the environment. 
  • Key Stage 4 classrooms are situated close to the Sixth Form area which symbolises a ‘journey’ through the school.
  • During careers lessons, there are presentations on the Sixth Form and regular visits to the common room and Sixth Form area.
  • Pupils may have further transition opportunities such as spending an afternoon, breaktime etc. in the Sixth Form if this is deemed beneficial.
  • The last weeks of the summer term follow a structured Transitions timetable after the formal Key Stage 4 leaving date for those who are moving on to Sixth Form.
  • A regular feature of Celebration Assemblies shows a collection of photos ‘What have the Sixth Form done this week?’ – this showcases our work to the whole school.


Transition to College

  • Annual college visits from Year 11 – some include a mix of year groups.
  • Support to make applications.
  • Arrangements made for students and parents to visit on an individual basis.
  • 1:1 and small group supported transition visits as required.
  • Information shared on Open Days, workshops, activity days and encouragement to have as much access and exposure to college as necessary.


Transition to Adult Services

  • Support with referrals to Adult Services or transition from Children’s Services – this is done through the EHCP process.
  • Close liaison with parents and Adult Services.
  • Links with local Day Services such as Hastings Centre – group visits, former students, School Fayres, community links.
  • Individual supported transitions and assessment sessions.
  • Staff from the new setting visit school to observe and share information.
  • Holiday clubs and groups support transition.


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